Sunday, February 5, 2012

How to Promote...

How to promote 
a tome that you wrote
a novel, a story
or something quite gory

How to promote
that blog post you wrote
with facebook and twitter
and please don't be bitter

How to promote
the enemies smote
be they typos or formatting
no need for doormatting

Simply stand tall
and on top of it all
be a gentle soul, kind
and soon you will find

The things you promote
will not sink but float
on gossamer wings
and simpler things

Like friendships and laughter
that's what you're after
not blind plugs and spamming
it's really quite damning

It is best to be humble
and never to grumble
the cards may be stacked
but there's good news in fact

If we keep our heads high
as we go strolling by
we will find friends delightful
and what once was frightful
will soon be a lark
a walk in the park
a chuckle that snatches
at you in the dark

So how to promote
Whatever you wrote
Remember in school
when you felt the fool
when you had a project
but hadn't a tool
when your legs were tired
and nowhere a stool
then somebody taught you
the things that have brought you
here seeking a truth
so simple, forsooth
do not suffer fools
or bandy your jewels
just simply remember
that one golden rule.


  1. Great way to get the point across: promote yourself in a positive way and the rewards will be positive as well.

    1. Thanks Greta. I wrote this on a lark because things were starting to feel negative. This stuff should be positive....I agree.

  2. Just love this, Dan. Made me smile ear to ear.